Photo copyright Onawa Cutshall

Photo copyright Onawa Cutshall
The Art...
A quest for lightness and beauty inspired by the historical Baroque techniques of Europe.
Instead of riding for ego or prizes, an equestrian artist strives for a higher level of enlightenment within the "Zen garden" of the dressage arena. Working from the ground and saddle, the artist  learns the theory behind the maneuvers and then applies them uniquely to each horse.
"Catch -- the vigorous horse
           of your mind."   
                            ~Zen saying
Photo copyright Christina Turrissini
The Passion...
Your riding journey should lead to a wonderful relationship with your horse.
Whether you choose to ride for pleasure, competition, or the excitement of exhibition,
make sure to keep it enjoyable for both you and your equine partner.
The Adventure...
Dressage is more than riding endless circles in an arena. Take your riding to a new level by exploring the trail, working with cattle, picking up a garrocha or practicing an obstacle course. Dressage is not limited to a certain breed of horse or special kind of saddle.  Every rider can develop a more balanced seat and learn to give clear aids.  Every horse can improve through collection and lightness.
Photo copyright Carol Walker
"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."  ~Plutarch
Crista Vesel
Located in Albuquerque New Mexico

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Photo copyright Carol Walker
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